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Not that I'm trying to get rid of you, but visit these fine folks!

Chad's Universe! Chad's Universe - come and witness the universe that is Chad!  A local artist and renowned pool shark... at least go see th' bunny!
DPI Comics - what happens when you get two artists, some pens, pencils and a computer together?  Let's find out, shall we? DPI Comics

Dark Calgary

Dark Calgary - an excellent resource on the local goth/industrial scene, including members list, message board, news and events, radio and retail.
Jumpin' Jill - this young woman travels the globe with her alter-ego, Bungee Babe!  Together, she tests the structural integrity of bridges and helicopters, and verifies that gravity is working consistently the world over! Jill Gough
Comatose Rose Comatose Rose - Canada's Only Dark Culture Magazine.
Freddy's Happy Fun Bus - by day, a computer tech I work with; by night, an up-and-coming comedian on the local scene!  I would recommend signing his guestbook...  perhaps as though your life depended on it! Jasen Fredrickson